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  • Loro Piana "Dream Tweed"

    This particular seasonal collection by Loro Piana's Dream Tweed has many choices available in both suits and jackets. This tweed is much lighter in weight than most traditional tweeds, but still packs a punch when it comes to keeping warm.
  • Tweed

    You've probably noticed tweed in your father's or grandfather's closet before a material often associated as old-fashioned, which we believe is a shame. In reality, this material is weather-resistant, versatile & practical. The ability to wear it in a formal or casual setting makes it both versatile and practical. But what really makes tweed special? Below is a description of tweed, the history of tweed, and some popular type of tweeds.
  • What makes a good jacket? (Part 1)

    What truly makes a good jacket? This is a common question that arises amongst us all. Today's topic will cover canvas & its history, the three types of jackets, & how can I tell if my jacket has canvas? 
  • The Green Plaid Suit

    This is a breakdown of a bespoke green suit made by Anatoly's.
  • How should my shoulders fit?

    While most people are overly concerned with whether the body of the suit is slim enough or whether the sleeves are the correct length they often overlook the shoulders. Find out why shoulders are the most important part of a suit.
  • How often should I clean my suit?

    Find out WHENWHYWHATWHERE, and HOW, when it comes to taking care of your garments from us at Anatoly's. 
  • Are My Armholes Too Tight?

    This is an article on small armholes. This article will cover terminology, questions and, misconceptions of having small armholes on a jacket.