How often should I clean my suit?

Find out WHEN, WHY, WHATWHERE, and HOW, when it comes to taking care of your garments from us at Anatoly's. 
When should I dry-clean my suit?
Although many suits are dry clean only with the exception of a few machine washable garments, the biggest mistake we can make is to dry clean our suits too regularly. Instead, our recommendation for dry cleaning is to only clean your garments if you sweat through them, you see dirt/stains, or the garment smells bad. 
Why is it bad to dry clean my suit?
It is never such a good idea to over dry-clean any garment, let alone your favorite suit. In the dry-cleaning process, the number of chemicals used can hurt your suit more then they can help it longterm. The chemicals in the wash simply remove layer after layer of the garment with each clean, slowly and slowly weakening the fibers, this is especially noticeable on natural fabrics such as wools and linens. Polyester, on the other hand, leaves a soft luster over the fabric.
What is a better alternative?
Steaming and Ironing is a great alternative when it comes to taking care of your suit while giving it the necessary longevity it needs. However, you must follow these steps carefully. When ironing your own garment place a cloth in-between preferably in cotton before applying your hot iron to the garment. If you don't want to burn your garment we recommend this step. If you burn your garment it will leave a sheen on the fabric. If you're lucky enough to own a Teflon foot iron, then you don't have to worry about this step. 
Ideally, you if you have a steamer you should steam your suit before each wear to bring back its shape. Anatoly's insider tip, the next time you go for a hot shower bring your suit into the room and just let it hang, the steam will take care of any wrinkles and bring back its natural hang.
Where and How you should store your suit?
After you're done wearing your suit you should always properly hang your suit. This ensures that the pants are hanging crease-to-crease, the jacket is put on a wide shoulder hanger and nothing is zipped or buttoned. These steps are extremely crucial in keeping the natural and best shape for your garment. Throwing your suit on the ground or in a small tight space ruins the hang of your suit. 
If you have seasonal garments that you wear occasionally here are some additional steps. Place your garment in a plastic or garment bag to avoid dirt or dust, place cedar hangers or chips to avoid moth attacks, occasionally take it outside in the sun for a few hours to get rid of any existing moths or smell.
Additional longevity information 
Try not to wear your garments multiple days in a row. Doing this will give the garment the necessary time it needs to come back to its original shape. 

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