How should my shoulders fit?

In today's world, people spend countless hours searching for the perfect fitting suit, but sometimes it's not as simple as one tends to think. There are so many different things to say about how a suit should fit, but today's topic is about: How should my shoulders fit?

You have probably heard that the shoulders of a suit cannot be altered, however, we at Anatoly's are able to alter them, but for sake of argument let's say they cannot and for this reason alone it's extremely important to have your shoulders fit properly from the very beginning.

So, How should my shoulders fit? Well-fitting shoulders should lie flush, there should be no divots or stress marks where the sleeve-head meets the shoulder. The standard shoulder should lie directly above where your shoulder bone ends not a centimeter bigger or smaller. The French Roped shoulders and Italian Neopolitan shoulders are an exception, but this for a future discussion. 

While most people are overly concerned with whether the body of the suit is slim enough or whether the sleeves are the correct length they often overlook the shoulders. In our eyes, the shoulders are the most important part of the suit and should be looked at first and foremost. The shoulders give your suit its most important feature drape and help the suit flow organically giving you a natural silhouette around the chest. So the next time you are buying your suit off the rack or having one made for you if the shoulders are too big you might be better off looking for something that lays better on the shoulders even if that jeopardizes the shape of the body or the length of the sleeves. Unless of course, you want us to take care of it.



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