Our MTO Flex System Shoes are Here!

Our MTO Flex System Shoes are Here!

Anatoly and Sons presents its first ever made-to-order, Flex System shoes:

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 The Flex System is our new variant on the Goodyear construction: An entirely new production method specifically designed with comfort in mind —but preserving the quality and style standards of the original Goodyear construction.

Want to know how it’s made? We cut one of the shoes in half and prepared a beautiful cross-section infographic:

flex shoe

We had to build the new Flex System from scratch, working over every aspect of production to maximize flexibility, while simultaneously maintaining the same level of durability.

This process not only meant the development of innovative production techniques, but also new materials to be used in the finished product, so that we could bring you some of the most comfortable dress shoes on the market.

 Flex shoes are fully unlined and made with Italian "reverse calf" suede for an unstructured and glove-like feeling. Soft, supple, breathable, as well as flexible—all in all a very unique high-grade suede leather.

Goodyear Flex shoes are, arguably, the most comfortable shoes we’ve ever made!

They feature our revamped "oil leather" sole, which gives extraordinary flexibility and comfort in every step.

Raw leather is oil-tanned and stretched over a shoe "last" (or mould) to create its shape. This artisan manufacturing process confers the oil leather sole an exceptional feel and flexibility. Besides that, it is hard-wearing, long-lasting, beautiful, and can be customized with any of our available sole colors.

We released the new Flex system with three of the most sought after shoe styles: The Chukka FlexThe Derby Flex, and The Loafer Flex. But stay tuned; new styles are coming soon!

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