Made to Measure

Our Made to Measure in-store program allows you, the client, full design creativity in the suit making process. We have over 300 seasonal fabrics on hand, with an assortment of additional linings, buttons, and felts to choose from, making it easy to find and create exactly what you're looking for.

Our expert staff has served the Bay Area for 23 years, thus providing the highest of customer service. Our measurement system ensures the perfect fitting garment. Having a master tailor on staff for additional touch-ups is complementary.


More information:

We make to measure suits, slacks, blazers, vests, dress shirts, or casual shirts. 

Step 1. Design

Step 2. Measurements

Step 3. Final Fitting

Step 4. Enjoy 

Currently, this is an in-store only service. The whole process generally takes 4-6 weeks, however expedited service is also available for extra cost.