Lanificio Cerruti

The mission and philosophy of Lanificio F.lli Cerruti is to create and innovate continuously, as modern alchemists extolling the sublime beauty of the noblest raw materials.

Combining ancient knowledge and modern technology to produce high-end fabrics, where the research marry the tradition in a perfect mix. Creativity is the basis for all qualitative development, to shape the style and to create trendy fabrics, full of personality and charm.

Starting from an idea, a feeling, until you get to a concrete product, contemporary, top quality, all this is the ultimate goal of the company, based on six pillars: the Nature, as inspiration, the Alchemy, as a passion for the combination and shades of raw materials, the Exigence, as a constant attention to detail, innovation, a continual research and creativity, the Allure, like concreteness, work, study, pleasure, harmony and naturalness, in one concept “a world to live, projected between history and future”, the Quality, as an essential condition on which every element of the woolen mill product rests.



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