Scabal A Passion for Cloth

FLANNEL & SAXONY - Special Selection

For centuries, flannel has been used to make clansmen’s kilts, and now wonder. Warm, comfortable and durable in the face of harsh Highland weather, it’s the fitting choice. Refreshed to offer a broad range of qualities and designs for Scabal’s classic winter collection, this season opt for a breezy 290g or an insulating 360g. The Super 100’s woollen flannel offers a sizable colour palette and the Saxony designs can be found in the Super 130’s worsted flannel. Traditional designs such as pinstripes and soft glenchecks are featured in the Super 120’s worsted flannel. While classic melange greys, blues and black plains have their place in the Super 100’s and Super 120’s worsted flannel

Nº 704751 - 704811 : 100% Wool

PULSE - Natural Stretch

For the worldly, always in the know gentleman, the pulse collection is the beating heart of Scabal’s tailoring innovation. The 100 percent wool, twill based 280g collection of 39 designs focuses on a more modern look. Pulse adds a tailored stretch to its structures to deliver ultimate comfort and wearability and offers a series of micro effects and false plains to reward a detail-focused eye.

Nº 704691 - 704729 : 100% Wool

FIT - High Technology Super Stretch

With comfort never more important to today’s gentleman on the move, Scabal has developed its most performance fabric to date. The Fit collection comprises of 12 essential plains designed to have super-stretch which gives it complete crease resistance. It has a soft wool base but with the added element of a performance microfibre to ensure it not only stretches but perfectly returns to its original shape. For comfort and style even with the slimest of fits.

Nº 501411 - 501422 : 54% Microfiber - 44% Wool - 2% ELASTANE


While life swirls around you, it’s important to have some solid foundations. The ever-reliable Tornado collection makes sophistication a breeze, Sturdy enough to withstand the gustiest condition but fashioned in England from a fine medium-weight cloth, Tornado is the easy-to-tailor go-to for stylish dress suits. Grounded in a classic palette of greys and blues, with some modern brown highlights, the Tornado range also includes a collection of jacquard-inspired stripes, multicolor stripes, graphic checks, soft glenchecks, micro geometric patterns and micro herringbones.

Nº 704821 - 704865 : 100% Wool

GALAXY - Super 110’s Suitings - MADE IN ENGLAND

How can one look at a galaxy, the director Ridley Scott once asked, without feeling insignificant? Faced with such an astounding reminder that everything we are and know and do is simply one part of a vast and expanding universe, it's a good question. One answer might be to wear it.

A modern update of a classic cloth, Scabal’s Galaxy Collection is a huge collection of ninety fabrics across 90 shades that, while predominantly made up of blues also includes sophisticated mid and dark melange greys, browns and melange greys. With a variety of designs such as glenchecks, coloured pinheads and graphic, classic and pinstripes, this composite selection, woven from a fine Super 100’s wool with a comfortable weight of 280g, is entirely made in England and boosts Scabal’s famous bloom finish.

Nº 704441 - 704530 : 100% Wool


As the nights draw in its time to reconsider your wardrobe and ensure that your selection is practical as well as stylish. Made in England under the expert guidance of our highly experienced craftsmen. Tornado is a fine cloth in a medium weight of 320gr, with 2 ply construction ideal for the cooler seasons.

Simple and elegant, the designs in this collection are a one stop shop for stylish dress suits. Ranging from graphic checks, soft glenchecks, micro shadow designs through herringbones and multi coloured stripes with a wide selection of choices for every suiting occasion. Colours are classic greys, blues and navy but with a warmth infused through rich colours of the checks.

Nº 705111 - 705150 : 100% Wool

TRIPLE A - Super 120’s & Cashmere - MADE IN ENGLAND

For a look that passes effortlessly beyond the velvet rope, the Triple-A collection is the textile to be on good terms with. With its royal-standard classicism and dash of rockstar cool, it is the sartorial equivalent of an Access All Areas pass. Expertly woven from a luxurious blend of Super 120’s wool and cashmere in a 2 ply twill for an exquisite softness, Triple-A is as smart to wear as it is easy to tailor. This cultured collection comes in 57 designs – sophisticated stripes, metropolitan microdesigns, cool graphic checks – all in a range of complimentary blues, blacks and melanges.

Nº 753621 - 753677 : 98% Wool - 2% Cashmere

FINEST JACKETINGS - Timeless Classics

Sometimes it pays to play it straight. As such, Scabal's Finest Jacketings range is the only name needed when searching for first-class fabrics for this most garment. The collection is made up of 59 designs ranging in weight from 280 to 450 grams and incorporating classic designs such as herringbones, glen checks, hound's tooth and hopsack. All finished in classic hues of universal greys and rusts. 

N° 802595 - 8026IO / 802613 -802629/802647 - 802649 : 100% WOOL 

N° 802611 -802612 /802630 - 802642 : 95% LAMBSWOOL 5% CASHMERE 

N° 802643-802646: 80% WOOL 20% CASHMERE 

N° 802591 - 802594 : 90% WOOL - 10% CASHMERE 

RHAPOSDY - Superfine Merino Wool

Everything about Scabal's re-invigorated Rhapsody collection is worthy of its epic moniker. Woven in Superfine Merino wool for the ultimate in soft handle and elegant drape, this is a bunch for the cultured and colour- loving connoisseur. 

The bunch begins with delightfully bright herringbones in primary colours and white, which soon develop into a darker variety on black. These are followed up with a host of special jacquard inspired cloths and micro-designs. Digitally-inspired false-houndstooths and subtly contrasted wefts give a textured aesthetic in both subtle and eye-popping colours. This collection is perfect for the modern informal man, who wishes to stay at the cutting-edge of cloth design. 

N° B0235I - 802392 / N°802393 - 802407 :100% WOOL