Thomas Mason

The exclusive ‘Bespoke’ service of Albini Group offers the best tailors and shirt-makers a vast selection of fabrics to choose from, and which can be delivered in 24/48 hours of the request, thanks to a speedy and punctual service. The service is composed of two distinct lines: Albini Su Misura, that offers elegant fabrics with a sophisticated Italian sensibility, while Thomas Mason Bespoke represents the true essence of an English taste. Each season, both the lines offer a Limited Edition collection of fabrics, designs and colours that mirror the trends of the season, to satisfy the sartorial need of the fashion conscious clients.

The Bespoke service is offered in more than 80 countries, thanks to the reach of the e-commerce digital platform that enables clients to order online, consolidating further the fundamental ties with tailors and specialty shirt-makers, all over the world.

1 - To Be Over the Moon

Black & White

2 - A Piece of Cake


3 - Finding Your Feet


4 - At the Drop of a Hat

Oxford & Piquet

5 - Pigs Might Fly

Zephir & Linen

6 - Best of Both Worlds


7 - Let the Cat Out of the Bag


8 - Don't Miss the Boat

Seasonal FW 19/20

9 - Cross That Bridge When You Come to It

Noble Poplin

10 - YOu Can’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover

Noble Twill

11 - Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

Noble Oxford and Piquet

12 - A Storm In a Teacup

Noble Zephir & Linen