Are My Armholes Too Tight?

Are My Armholes Too Tight?

Our experience as both savvy tailors and clothiers over the past 25 years in the Bay Area has provided us with vast knowledge when it comes to suiting. Our expertise in tailoring as well as made to measure and bespoke suiting has helped us answer frequent questions that may arise. 


Today's topic we are covering, Armholes!



Have you ever tried to tie your shoes with your jacket on while sitting and when you reach over to tie your shoes, you can't seem to reach far enough to tie them?

Next Question: Does this mean my armholes are too small or too tight? 

Before I answer that you must...

Understand construction/terms:

Armscye: opening in the garment where the sleeve is attached

What is the difference between the sleeve head and the armscye? The armscye is crafted inside on the inner part of the jacket made around the armhole. The sleeve head is made a little bit larger than the armscye.  

Pros of having small armholes:

1. Body Movement - Imagine you have to reach up for something on the top shelf, light a candle, or take a sip of your favorite drink if you have a large armhole the jacket will lift above your neck practically to your ears. Smaller armholes allow you to do more movements while keeping your jacket in place. Freedom of movement you posses will be much greater in smaller/higher armholes then in larger/longer armholes.

2. Good Posture - If you like most of us are behind a computer most of the day or have poor posture having smaller armholes actually lifts your posture up and helps keep you standing upright and proper. 

3. Professional Look - The higher armholes not only provide a cleaner look by keeping the jacket in place but also they provide a nice silhouette for the client. The next time you're in court or in a meeting please take a look at the jackets of the people sitting next to you and if you see that the jacket(s) is rising up or doesn't lay smoothly then you'll know why.

Further Remarks

If your armholes do feel tight naturally standing then you should probably try a jacket with larger armholes or get your jackets armholes let-out. But if you are sitting and try to tie your shoes with smaller armholes it is impossible because the jacket sits around the shoulders smoothly and doesn't rise like in most large armhole jackets.