Why Wear Flannel?

Flannel has a number of wonderful properties. First of all, it’s incredibly soft to the touch. If comfort is important to you, choose this fabric for your daily commute. Second, it keeps you insulated from the cold. Be sure to wear some comfortable flannel attire in the fall and winter. Third, it’s durable and has a natural stretch. Flannel is naturally wrinkle-resistant, so if you’re out and about, it will likely maintain its shape. It also hides any dirt you may have picked up due to its tough weave, and it doesn’t absorb sweat like cotton does, keeping away odor caused by bacteria. These properties together give flannel a leg up over most other fabrics.

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Style it your way!

Available in flat front, 5 pocket, single & double pleated. Determine what rise you need fits you best for the perfect drape, low rise, standard rise, or even high rise. Choose your pocket styles, waistband styles, & more.

VBC Cloth

Vitale Barberis Canonico has been around for centuries and is well known for their elegant cloths. Specializing in a variety of cloths for the international market, flannel has become one of their signature popular fabrics, taking an English fabric and putting an Italian twist on it. 

Pricing starts at $280

4-5 Weeks TO Make

Additional colors and cloths available in-store.