multi-colored corduroy pants


Design Your Wardrobe


Anatoly's presents its first ever Made-to-Order (MTO) Dark Blue Selvedge Denim. Pick your favorite style, pockets, and threads. The quality and appearance of our Japanese denim is sure to leave you pleased.

Parisian Cotton

Design the perfect pair of pants to get you through those hot summer days! Our trousers are lightweight, comfortable, and made from a cotton weave that keeps you cool. Available in 10+ colors.


Create your own distinct pair of corduroys, choose from a variety of European cloths that vary in color, weight, & feel. Multiple style waistbands, rises, and stitching details available.

Grey Flannel

Looking for a durable and warm addition to your wardrobe for the fall and winter months? Look no further than our made-to-order flannel! Choose your own style—pockets, pleats, waistband, rise, and more.


Looking for a custom pair of shoes? With our in-store program, you can pick the colors, the leather, the style, the heel, and more.