Our Luxury Line of Loro Piana Suits

Our Luxury Line of Loro Piana Suits

Do you want a luxury suit that exceeds all of your expectations? Anatoly & Sons has teamed up with Loro Piana, the leading manufacturer of some of the highest quality fabrics in the world. Crafted from the finest Italian-made wool and cashmere, our suits are guaranteed to look good and feel good on your body, whatever your size. All you have to do is pick from our line of Loro Piana fabrics and suit styles, and every suit will be tailor-made to your exact specifications here at our shop in Oakland, CA. Whether you want a Made-to-Measure or Bespoke suit, we’ll take care of you!

Why Loro Piana?

Loro Piana was founded in 1924 by Pietro Loro Piana in Quarona, Italy. The family-run business has been making fine fabrics for six generations. In 2013, LVMH Moët Hennessy — Louis Vuitton SE acquired the brand for almost $2.6 billion. The high-end textile manufacturer is now under the umbrella of LVMH, which owns a line of luxury fashion brands like Berluti, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Marc Jacobs. This acquisition allows Loro Piana to expand worldwide, including at our store, without compromising on quality.

It’s hard to overstate the quality of Loro Piana fabric. There’s a reason they’re used by the majority of tailors in Savile Row, London, the epicenter of Britain’s traditionally-made, formal wear district. Loro Piana has a history of sourcing the rarest raw materials from animals living in places like China, Mongolia, the Andes, Myanmar, Australia, and New Zealand. Due to the company’s investments at every step of production, from acquiring fibers of the highest quality to delivery of the finished product, they continue to carry a legacy of unparalleled quality that other mills aspire to.

Anatoly & Sons: Loro Piana Collection 

We have several collections of Loro Piana suit fabrics depending on the season and the occasion. They will be available in late March for anyone interested in buying a high-end custom suit. Contact us for more information. Here are our options:

  1. Tasmanian® Super 150s:

    This is a light, tightly-woven fabric made from merino wool that’s soft to the touch. It’s crease and moisture-resistant properties derive from the merino sheep of Australia and Tasmania. This makes it the perfect item to wear at the office, corporate meetings, and all other air-conditioned environments that require you to look presentable.

  2. Uniti:

    This collection consists of a few different fabrics. Two are perfect for travel, as they are made from a lightweight, New Zealand merino wool. Another one is a breathable, open-weave merino wool that’s perfect for warm climates. This fabric has a durable fresco-style weave that keeps you cool and wrinkle-free. The final fabric style is made from kid mohair, which is a fine fabric made from the hair of a young Angora goat. This is a very wrinkle-resistant fiber that gives off a nice sheen for special occasions.

  3. Travel Line:

    If you like to travel for work or for pleasure, look no further than this collection. These stretch fabrics are easy to take care of, allowing you to look and feel your best without the hassle. 

  4. Sopra Visso:

    This is Loro Piana’s famous tweed collection made from sopravvissana sheep’s wool sourced from Italy’s Sybilline Mountains. Looking for tweed without the itch and discomfort? You’ve found it. Perfect for cool weather.

  5. Mare:

    Spring and Summer are right around the corner, and this collection delivers. These fabrics are blended with a combination of different materials depending on what you like: Wool, silk, linen, and cotton. These are excellent for warm weather. Try our Seersucker Super 150s wool and silk blend, the quintessential summer fabric. Our summer colors and patterns are sure to turn heads. 

  6. Events:

    True luxury is sometimes necessary. Weddings, formal dinner parties, and other special events require special fabrics. This collection uses only the finest wools, velvet, silk, and kid mohair. Go ahead. Be James Bond for once.

  7. Travellight:

    Another travel collection with additional fabric options made from New Zealand merino wool. These are wrinkle-resistant fabrics that perform well on the go. Travel in style and comfort year round.

  8. Wool and Cashmere Flannels:

    Here is our winter collection of wool and cashmere with a wide array of different patterns and solid colors. Extra soft and comfortable, the quality fibers and weave makes this incredible to the touch. You won’t want to take it off.

  9. Pecora Nera:

    Made from black sheep — the original merino wool — Loro Piana is going back to its roots with this collection. This New Zealand merino wool is ultra-soft and preserves wool’s traditional, natural colors.

  10. Jackets and Trousers:

    Enjoy a fabric collection that insulates your body heat in fall and winter. We have a weighty cotton twill-elastane blend for your trousers, adding performance without the wrinkles. Take a look at our wool-cashmere blends for jackets in different styles like herringbone and basketweave. In addition, we carry a cotton-wool corduroy stretch fabric, which keeps its shape and avoids wrinkles.

  11. Proposte Abiti Spring-Summer 2020:

    Our seasonal collection is fun and exciting! Choose from a variety of colors and patterns to compliment the warm weather. Wool, silk, and linen are cooling and soft to the touch. Enjoy these fabrics while you're relaxing somewhere in Cabo.

  12. Proposte Giacche Spring-Summer 2020:

    Wool, silk, linen, and cashmere take front and center in a second warm weather collection by Loro Piana. Take pleasure in a bold display of colors and patterns perfect for the season.


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