Our Custom Shoe Launch Is Here!

Our Custom Shoe Launch Is Here!

The wait is finally over. Anatoly & Sons are proud to release our new line of custom dress shoes! Made in Spain, each shoe is handcrafted from the finest leather and hand-painted in a variety of patina textures to match any outfit you plan on wearing.

How Does It Work?

Choose from a wide range of colors, pick your sole and style of leather, and we’ll ship it out to you custom-made in 4-6 weeks (2 weeks or less for ‘fast lane’ shipping!) To celebrate the launch of our new product, the first ten customers to order from us will get 25% off their first pair!

Shoe Quality

Every dress shoe you order from Anatoly & Sons is made in Spain, and comes either Blake-stitched or Goodyear Welted. Nothing we make is ever cemented, or glued. Why is this important? Because a sole that’s glued can quickly fall apart in about a year, and once it does, it can’t be repaired. Our Blake-stitched and Goodyear welted shoes will last you many years and are easily repairable. 

The differences between the two lie in construction and function. A shoe that’s Blake-stitched will be more flexible and lighter than a Goodyear Welt, but a Goodyear Welt has an extra layer (“welt”) stitched between the insole and the outsole, giving you more support and ease of repair. Each shoe has its advantages and disadvantages, which is why we recommend owning both types for different occasions.

Style of Wear and Customization

What would you like to wear? Oxfords, Loafers, Chelsea Boots, Monks? We have them. How about Military Brogues, Chukkas, Saddles, or Derbies? Yes to all, and we have more. 

Once you pick your style, you can customize your shoes to your hearts delight. Want burnished leather? Done. How about Alligator-style leather? No problem. What colors would you like for the leather, the heel, the sole? Would you like a rounded toe, slight square toe, or chisel toe? Full grain or pebble grain? The options are endless.

We have a number of try-ons for sizing in our store. Please ask about our custom shoe launch, and we’ll help you pick your perfect pair of shoes, guaranteed.

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