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Why our made to order shoes? At Anatoly's, you have full control of the customization process from heel to last. Choose from a multitude of styles, color combinations, and leather options. Decide how you want your shoe to be constructed and designed. We'll guide you through the entire process from start ti finish. Just visit our location at:

3864 Piedmont Ave in Oakland, CA 

Construction Methods

We use two different stitching methods to attach the sole to the upper part of the shoe for a solid construction that will last you many years (and can be repaired if necessary, unlike cheap cemented soles.

1) Blake Stitch

2) Goodyear Welt

They each have their own distinct advantages, so decide which is right for you.


goodyear welt vs Blake stitch

Goodyear Welt

The Goodyear Welt is top-of-the-line in terms of sturdiness because a strip of leather (the welt) is placed between the sole and the upper, giving it an added cushion and securing it to the last with two stitches. The empty space created by the welt is filled with cork for comfort and will conform to your foot overtime.

We use only the best craftsman in the process of creating your good year welted shoe. It's labor-intensive work with over a 100 different steps in the process from putting the raw materials to use all the way up to the finished product.

A Goodyear welted shoe can easily be resoled at any shoe cobbler. It's water resistant due to double stitching and, if you take care of it, will last you a lifetime. 



goodyear welt


Blake Stitching

A Blake stitched shoe, although not as durable as the Goodyear welt, makes up for it in lightweight and sleeker aesthetics. The construction of a Blake stitched shoe is simple, but still a very durable shoe compared to one that's merely cemented because the insole is sewn directly to the outsole. And while they don't have the added padding, they are much more flexible than the Goodyear Welt, and, some will argue, more comfortable because of this.


Blake stitch


Sole Options

Anatoly's carries a plethora of options for soles from formal options like the plain leather sole to more casual ones like the sportwedge rubber sole. Choose what's best for your situation!


shoe sole options


Choose Between Soles

customize shoe soles

Want even more options?

If you have specific tastes or style combinations you're looking for, we can help make that a reality. Just let us know in store! 


ready-to-wear shoes

Shoe Lasts

You might be wondering what a "last" is.

This is the foundational shape used by artisans which allows them to construct the shoe from scratch. This affects the fit, the look, and the overall form of the shoe. It's important to get this right.

Different shoe styles use different lasts, and some specific styles only use specific ones. An example is an Oxford shoe with a Goodyear Welted construction. There are 3 different lasts for this type of shoe (Zurigo, Monti and Savile), and each one has its own character.

Heel Options

There are two heel options available for Goodyear Welted shoes:

1) standard heel (26mm/1 in.)

2) high heel (34mm/1.34 in.)


shoe heels

Leather Options

We have calf tanneries in Spain, Germany, and Italy with a large variety of luxury leather skins.

Painted Calf Leather

This type of leather, also known as crust calf leather, is left untreated, which makes it look aged and natural. This special type of undyed leather is then painted by a patina artist. We use the same crust material as high-end companies like Santoni and Berlutti. You can read more about Conceria Tolio on

We also offer different engraved textures, such as full grain or pebble grain.

Box Calf Leather

This is one of the most popular and ubiquitous leathers found in quality shoes. It has a fine gran pattern and is firm, yet soft to the touch. All of our box calf leather is painted by our artists.

Calf Suede

Calf suede has a soft texture and is very durable. It is taken from the underside of the calf. 

Kid Suede

Kid Suede comes from small goat skins. It's super soft and has a brushed texture. It is expensive because the skins are smaller than ones from adult animals, but it has a more refined finish.

Polished Calf

Polished calf refers to rectified grain calf. This eliminates any skin imperfections. The look is not as natural as a regular, plain full grain, but the look is very good, luxurious. This type of leather is quite expensive because of the post-production processes that it needs at the tannery. Polished Calf Leathers are hand painted by our artisans.

Patent Leather

This is a leather finish that creates a glossy and shiny appearance.

Nubuck Leather

This is the outer layer of the hide, which lends itself to being lightweight and soft. The surface has a velvety finish called a "nap".

Sartorial Materials

We offer sartorial fabrics, as well as patterns such as Tweed, Plaid, and Herringbone.

Exotic Skins

We offer genuine exotic skins: Alligator, Python, and Ostrich, which match the colors on our painted calfskin.


alligator skin

Alligator Genuine Skin

Alligator skin is one of the most iconic and popular leathers. It is strong and durable, has a beautiful look that will turn heads, and is also very expensive. The bony layer embedded in the skin acts like a shield which protects it from the elements. You can be sure that this leather will last you a lifetime.

These leathers come from the Southeastern part of the United States and is usually harvested from farm-bred gators, but some come from gators in the wild. The American alligator's skin is soft and malleable, allowing it to be cut, stitched, and folded with ease.


ostrich skin

Ostrich Genuine Skin

Ostrich leather is incredibly soft luxury leather known to be both durable and flexible. It is also one of the strongest leathers available on the market. It's naturally occurring oils prevent the skin from cracking, even under extreme temperatures.

The quill or feather socket markings are the small bumps you see across the scope of the leather. This quill pattern is what makes the look of this leather truly unique.


python skin

Python Genuine Skin

Snakeskin leather is a unique specialty leather that allows for an incredible look because it preserves the scales and come in so many different colors. We use "front cut" python method of making our snakeskin shoes. This gives you a nice uniform size for each scale.