10 Summer Style Essentials

10 Summer Style Essentials

This summer, there’s no reason to cut corners: It’s never been more possible to exude refinement, class and style, even in the heat. It’s all about the building blocks you’ve got in your rotation, including seasonal classics and breezy pieces with a touch of flair. 

Summer is almost a blank canvas in terms of menswear, since there’s potential to dress up for everything from weddings to rooftop cocktail hours to coastal vacations. Each is an opportunity to let a bit of your personality shine through without overdoing it. 

Making your wardrobe work for you is crucial – the right mix of pieces can pull double or triple-duty, and we think our Summer 2023 lineup at Anatoly & Sons hits more than a few of the right notes. 

While fall and winter offer ample opportunity for experimenting with rich textures and fabrics, summer offers plenty of variety, too. Knit polos, suede loafers and open-weave fresco suiting (to name but a few of our favorites at Anatoly & Sons) are something of a feast for the eyes, with the ability to keep you cool – in style, of course. We’re well-stocked at the moment, both online and in store – breeze through a few of our seasonal style favorites and find a new essential for elegant style in the heat. 

Frontier Denim Shirt

denim shirt

The denim shirt has long exuded rugged cool – it’s blessed with highly functional roots, and fits nicely with our Western-inspired Baja Collection. It’s but one of a handful of pieces from the collection drawing on the rich colors of the region, and the equally rich heritage of the American Southwest. 

That influence is noticeable in the shirt’s Western-style yolk detailing, and the selvedge placket is another old-school touch denimheads can appreciate. When the time comes to reach for a polished-yet-rugged shirt for more casual affairs, consider this cotton denim Western shirt a foolproof solution.

Sandstorm Traveler Jacket

sandstorm jacket

Dressing in style in the summer tends to reflect your own preparation. For instance: A jacket might not be your first style pick in the heat of the day, but as the sun sets, a sleek cotton chore coat can prove an invaluable layer (provided you’ve packed one on your summer getaway, that is). This piece – another standout of the Baja Collection – takes on a more streamlined silhouette than your average coat, making it all the more elegant. With
dual-entry hip pockets and a roomy chest pocket to boot, you'll have plenty of space for all your gear, while its lightweight construction will leave you comfortably stylish as you embark on your next big adventure.

Linen Polo Shirt

mint linen polo

We’re willing to bet that the trusty polo shirt has had a place of pride in your summer wardrobe for years, if not decades. Rethink what you thought you knew about the polo with this Baja Collection favorite, however. Unlike cotton pique or slub cotton polos, our revamped take on a timeless staple uses breezy 100 percent linen. The result is a polo that’s as lightweight as your favorite T-shirt, and a piece that’s as at ease with light wash denim as it is with chino shorts and leather loafers. 

Twill Cotton Pants

green cotton pants

Summer style is as much about practicality as it is about maintaining a sense of individuality. And for all those times when it’s not quite practical to wear, say, inky blue selvedge denim in the heat, allow a pair of carefully crafted cotton twill pants to pinch-hit for a multitude of scenarios. Sturdy rivets, a five-pocket design and classic cotton twill nod to your favorite pair of jeans, but with a softer, summer-minded touch. For good measure, the dusty olive green color-way calls to mind cactus and sagebrush, the kind found in abundance in Baja, California. 

Pleated Twill Cotton Chinos

pleated beige chinos

Recall what we said about individuality – pieces that are uniquely yours, that can define your wardrobe, are always a wise movement. There’s a subtle way to go about those wardrobe additions, though. Cotton twill chinos are a menswear classic, for example – but the use of two-pleat construction gives this pair an eye-catching, throwback-minded feel. Brisbane Moss fabric from England elevates these chinos even further, and the fabric should only get better and more lived-in with age. The best part is the fact that these chinos pair nicely with everything from suede loafers to white leather sneakers. 

Denim Traveler Jacket

denim traveler jacket

We bring the curtain to a close on the Baja Collection with another utilitarian jacket that bridges the gap between the old and the new. Denim trucker jackets were prized on the open road – from the great West back to the East Coast – for their hard-wearing functionality. This Traveler Jacket retains that same prized denim construction – Japanese indigo denim, for good measure – but toes the line between classic denim jacket and field coat. The shawl collar is a refined design detail, but it’s the top and side-entry hip pockets that deliver on critical EDC storage functionality. And like any beautiful indigo denim jacket, it breaks in and molds to your body the more you wear it. 

Brown Suede Loafers

brown suede loafers

It’s easy to play the hits when dressing for summer: Plentiful sneaker options abound, for instance. But there’s an even better way to give your wardrobe a sense of polish without going over the top. Simply swap in a pair of crisply designed suede loafers, like this Italian suede pair. The profile of these loafers gives them a dash of tailored appeal – wear them with beige cotton suit or olive cotton twill trousers. And yet, they’re an easy alternative to slide into for more laidback gatherings (try them with a navy polo and tan cotton chino shorts). And for our money’s worth, they’re also priced quite fairly given the quality that goes into every step and every stitch. 

Blue Huddersfield Fresco Wool Suit

blue fresco suit

Looking sharp as the mercury rises to unbearable levels is about taking a proactive approach. In the Anatoly & Sons manual, that means examining the fabric used to make your suit, because it’s hard to enjoy an outdoor summer wedding if your suit isn’t up to snuff. Turn instead to the innovative fresco wool suit. 

Yes, it’s made of wool but the key with this vibrant blue suit is the open-weave, high-twist approach, and no one does it better than Hardy Minnis, the British mill credited with fresco cloth. Fresco wool breathes easily, resists wrinkles and maintains an elegant drape all the while. 

Silk-Linen Ties

grey chambray tie

Just as your tailoring shifts to reflect the changing seasons and temperatures, your neckwear should adjust accordingly, too. It’s a matter of common sartorial sense in our book (a lightweight suit calls for a lightweight tie), and if you ask us, it’s never been more efficient to find a razor-sharp tie in a fabric suited to balmy summer evenings. The answer? A textured tie in a more casual weave, like the richly crafted blend of silk and linen shown here. This handsome, investment-worthy tie comes in easy-to-style colors like Tobacco or Light Grey (each of which would pop nicely against a vivid blue suit). 

Venezia Belt in Cognac

Venezia Belt in Cognac

The small details tend to define an outfit more than you might think, particularly with your belt of choice. The belt rests at the midpoint of an ensemble, so make sure yours is worthy of your summer tailoring or trousers. In looks as well as design, handmade craftsmanship separates the luxe Venezia Belt from the rest. The full-grain leather in rich cognac is supple and frankly beautiful, with contrasting double-stitched detailing – all the better to pair with trousers in every shade from royal blue to olive, off-white and beige. It also wears wonderfully with our
cognac derby shoes, an absolutely outstanding summer fashion combination. 


The world is practically your oyster as you get dressed this summer: From a linen polo to a classic denim jacket to lightweight trousers, there are plentiful options that provide a sense of rugged elegance and versatile appeal, from sunrise to sunset. 

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