Loro Piana "Dream Tweed"

Loro Piana "Dream Tweed"

Loro Piana's Dream Tweed collection consists of predominantly blues, browns, & greys. The (19) fall/winter collection is extremely light in weight ranging from 250g - 330g. Most traditional tweeds range in weight from 400g - 700g giving you a beautiful hang while keeping you warm.

Tweed by definition is a rough-surfaced woolen cloth, typically of mixed flecked colors, originally produced in Scotland. Originally designed for superior outdoor performance, you could find this fabric used in hunting jackets, golf jackets, and even fishing jackets, mostly anything countryside related had tweed.

This particular seasonal collection by Loro Piana's Dream Tweed has many choices available in both suits and jackets. This tweed is much lighter in weight than most traditional tweeds, but still packs a punch when it comes to keeping you warm. The softness is pretty remarkable and different from your usual tweeds. Overall this collection is very impressive for fall/winter. Below are some cloth's that clients really liked.

(699009 - 100% Superfine Wool - 320g)
(699025 - 100% Super 130's Wool - 280g)

(699024 - 100% New Zealand Wool - 280g)

(699008 - 100% Superfine Wool - 320g)

(699012 - 100% Superfine Wool - 320g)

(699007 - 100% Superfine Wool - 320g)

(699006 - 100% Superfine Wool - 320g)